Parts Lists

Here are official manuals from Mandello. All are not here bust most of them since 1921.

These manuals come from various sources: these are usually indicated in the “properties” of the file.

In the file name:

  • the suffix “PL” indicates that it is an Parts List Manual
  • “mmaaaaa” or “mmaaa” indicates the month and year of the edition if possible
  • the language is sometimes indicated (I = Italian; GB = English; F = French; D = German; NL = Dutch; US = USA)
  • Many thanks to Anima Guzzista, Greg Bender,, Carlo Morino,, MPH, Franz (Bolzano), Paul (Nederland) and so much others !

    For vintage models, see :

    Have a look too on parts lists in German from and on parts lists from in English

    See also the Technical and Service Notes that complete the Parts List and workshop manuals.

    The links below send to the French part of the website

    Small blocks
    PA versions maybe usefull for Civilian motorcycles because manufactured until 2001.

    Big blocks
    Note about engines with Ducati alternators: there is an error on all the Parts Lists concerned on the “Generator” drawing. Behind the rotor are 2 parts, a spacer and an O-ring. Unlike exploded parts, the O-ring is behind the spacer (not in front).

    Monos and Others
    See too the website of Renato and his Documentazione Tecnica !


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