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Workshop Manuals

Here are official manuals from Mandello. All are not here bust most of them since 1921.

These manuals come from various sources: these are usually indicated in the "properties" of the file.

In the file name:
    - the suffix "Atel" indicates that it is an Workshop Manual
    - "mmaaaaa" or "mmaaa" indicates the month and year of the edition if possible
    - the language is sometimes indicated (I = Italian; GB = English; F = French; D = German; NL = Dutch; US = USA)

For reasons of commercial piracy (pdf files for sale on E-bay) while they are graciously made available by the website (just like the files available on Anima Guzzista or Morino for monos), the managers of the website from which some files are available here, have locked their files and added a watermark; this should prevent some from getting blushed by web borders or other bike fleets that sell free things....
As far as I'm concerned, since I don't have time to watermark the documents, only a few of them are locked and have a particular footer.

Many thanks to Anima Guzzista, Greg Bender,, Carlo Morino,, MPH, Renato Paganini, Franz from Bolzano, Paul from Netherland and so much others !

Don't forget to get the Guzzi Bible : Guzziology by Dave Richardson, a technical documentation unique in the world !

See also the Technical and Service Notes that complete the Parts List and workshop manuals.

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Attention: since 2009 and the new V7 engines, the workshop manuals no longer include the detailed "engine and gearbox" part. You therefore need 2 manuals.

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Mono & others